『 Hey Say JUMP's Graphic Community 』♫

Gambatte ne, Hey Say JUMP!!!

『 Hey Say JUMP's Graphic Community 』♫
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Hello, Hey Say Fans! Welcome to the Hey Say JUMP's Graphic Community!

At here, you can post any graphic which was link to Hey Say JUMP or about Hey Say JUMP.

♥ Rules♥

The rules are easy.
First no spamming.
Second, don't post anything which does not link to the graphic of Hey Say JUMP.
Third, feel free to take the pictures that you want here!
Fouth, no arguing / no fighting.
Fifth, have fun! ^^


Well the reason of forming this community was to shared the Hey Say JUMP graphic with everyone. And also to support Hey Say JUMP.
As we know that Hey Say JUMP was so busying singing and dancing to protect everyone's smiles in this whole world, so we must do our best to support them as much as possible! ^^


It is an awesome community! You all should join it! This is also a community which support Hey Say JUMP too~!!! ^^

♥~Thank you so visiting here and do come again~♥