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tsukikomizuki in heysaygraphic

✉ -Wallpaper of Yamada Ryosuke- ✉

Hello everyone! Yesterday night, I get an e-mail. I don't know who is it but that person looks kind thought. He/She request a wallpaper from me. He/She called me to make a wallpaper of Yamada Ryosuke. So as she wish, I had made one. And yup, i send back to her. But unfortunately, after i sent that wallpaper for her. I delete her e-mail address right away...

Anyway this is the first time I ever made a wallpaper. Hope it looks nice thought...

So what do you all think? 0.0 Is it looks bad? 0.0 I hope it's not!!! 0.0

Okay here the next one but this is not really a wallpaper thought. Probably just a graphic ne...



So what do you think? 0.0
Is it bad? 0.0
For me, I like the first one better thought~ <3
Anyway for the people who want this wallpaper~ feel free to take it!
I don't mind! ^^ I loved to share my work to the others!
Okay, thank for visiting!
Buh bye!!! ^^