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tsukikomizuki in heysaygraphic

Wallpaper of Hey Say Best & JUMP

Hello everyone! How is everyone today?
I just made more wallpaper of Hey Say JUMP since my friends keep request me to do it.

Check it out!!! ^^

Hey Say Best Wallpaper

Hey Say JUMP Wallpaper

So what do you think? Well maybe it is somehow plain and easy thought...
I don't have Photoshop CS so that why my edition was not that great...
I planned to buy a Photoshop CS when I save enough my money and when my mom allow me to buy it...and the time when I have my own VISA?
Anyway hope you all like it and feel free to used it because this is a symbol that we cheer for them which can made them hyper~

Okies gotta post more later~ ^^
Thanks for visiting!!! ^^