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Nov. 25th, 2010


My newst TEN wallpapers ^^

Hi~ I'm new here ^^
And I want to post some of my newest wallpapers ne~

2- Hey!Say!JUMP
5-Hey!Say!JUMP pairings & other~
1- YamaChii
1- Yuri Chinen

1-Yamada Ryosuke


Take a look or take all here@hsj4ever 
Comments are LOVE!~ ^w^


Oct. 3rd, 2010



Hey Say JUMP Wallpapers and Icons

 I uploaded my Creations ne ^^

Hope you'll like it minna ^^

Want more? Visit my site:



Sep. 13th, 2009



Wallpaper of Hey Say Best & JUMP

Hello everyone! How is everyone today?
I just made more wallpaper of Hey Say JUMP since my friends keep request me to do it.

Check it out!!! ^^

Hey Say Best Wallpaper

Hey Say JUMP Wallpaper

So what do you think? Well maybe it is somehow plain and easy thought...
I don't have Photoshop CS so that why my edition was not that great...
I planned to buy a Photoshop CS when I save enough my money and when my mom allow me to buy it...and the time when I have my own VISA?
Anyway hope you all like it and feel free to used it because this is a symbol that we cheer for them which can made them hyper~

Okies gotta post more later~ ^^
Thanks for visiting!!! ^^

Sep. 12th, 2009

Hinamori Amu


Wallpaper of Hey Say 7 & Hey Say JUMP

Here the wallpaper which I made today for Hey Say 7 & Hey Say JUMP!

Check it out:

Hey Say 7 Wallpaper

Hey Say JUMP Wallpaper

So what do you think? ^^
Hope it is okay thought...
I try to improve my design more!
There's still a long way for me thought.
Hope the person who request me to form this community and request me to do all this kind of things would see this.
Bet she/he must be happy for it! ^^

Okay, will post more next time! ^^


✉ -Wallpaper of Yamada Ryosuke- ✉

Hello everyone! Yesterday night, I get an e-mail. I don't know who is it but that person looks kind thought. He/She request a wallpaper from me. He/She called me to make a wallpaper of Yamada Ryosuke. So as she wish, I had made one. And yup, i send back to her. But unfortunately, after i sent that wallpaper for her. I delete her e-mail address right away...

Anyway this is the first time I ever made a wallpaper. Hope it looks nice thought...

So what do you all think? 0.0 Is it looks bad? 0.0 I hope it's not!!! 0.0

Okay here the next one but this is not really a wallpaper thought. Probably just a graphic ne...



So what do you think? 0.0
Is it bad? 0.0
For me, I like the first one better thought~ <3
Anyway for the people who want this wallpaper~ feel free to take it!
I don't mind! ^^ I loved to share my work to the others!
Okay, thank for visiting!
Buh bye!!! ^^



(つ≧∇≦)つ [ Introduction ]

Hello, Hey Say Fans! Welcome to the Hey Say JUMP's Graphic Community!

At here, you can post any graphic which was link to Hey Say JUMP or about Hey Say JUMP.
♥ Rules♥

The rules are easy.
First no spamming.
Second, don't post anything which does not link to the graphic of Hey Say JUMP.
Third, feel free to take the pictures that you want here!
Fouth, no arguing / no fighting.
Fifth, have fun! ^^


Well the reason of forming this community was to shared the Hey Say JUMP graphic with everyone. And also to support Hey Say JUMP. As we know that Hey Say JUMP was so busying singing and dancing to protect everyone's smiles in this whole world, so we must do our best to support them as much as possible! ^^


It is an awesome community! You all should join it! This is also a community which support Hey Say JUMP too~!!! ^^

♥~Thank you so visiting here and do come again~♥